Who We Are

The San Antonio Theatre Coalition (SATCO) is a non-profit service organization founded in 1995 to facilitate communication and cooperation among the many theatre organizations in and around San Antonio, Texas. SATCO was Founded in 1995 by Diana Brown, Sterling Houston, Marcia Larsen, Laurie Dietrich and Richard Rosen. 

SATCO’s fundamental purpose is:

  • To promote the theatre arts in San Antonio and the surrounding areas
  • To foster the sharing and distribution of information between members
  • To improve and expand media coverage of theatre
  • To explore methods for joint audience development

We welcome any and all theatre-minded individuals and producing organizations to join. Actors, directors, techies, audience members, community-based, college/university, or professional theatres or any combination of the above. All our members contribute to the vitality of theatre in San Antonio. SATCO exists to provide a unified entity which helps all theatres to meet the challenges of the future as San Antonio and its arts continue to grow. If you appreciate what we do, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a member or making a donation.

Board Members

Lindsey Van De Kirk – President
Andrew Jacobi Jeter – Vice President
Barry Goettl – Treasurer
Robert Moritz – Secretary
Kevin Burton – Director
Nicole Erwin – Director
Ben Farrar – Director
Andrew Heinrich – Director
Cindy Rod Martinez – Director
Jessica Mitchell – Director


Diana Brown

SATCO’s Founder, Diana Brown

Diana Brown (1963-2021)


Sterling Houston, Jump-Start Theatre Company

Director Emeritus – Sterling Houston, Jump-Start Theatre Company

Sterling Houston (1945-2006)